Marine Applications


Having significant experience in the Air‐Conditioning and Ventilation systems in marine applications, PATH Engineering provides energy efficient solutions on all kind of vessels. Depending on the type of vessel, area of service and Owner’s requirements we can  provide:

Based on our experience in the field and by using calculation software, which was developed by our company, in order to meet the requirements of the HVAC marine field,  our engineering team can provide energy efficient and sustainable solutions, taking always into consideration budget limitations, latest technological and regulations updates, as well as the Owner’s requirements.

PATH Engineering Consultants was founded by the merge of the personal companies of Thanos Spiliotopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, MSc and Panos Tampakopoulos, Mechanical Engineer, MEng. Both partners have a long experience in the building/industrial mechanical & electrical design, as well as in the marine HVAC field by participating in the design, installation and commissioning of several significant projects. By joining their expertise under PATH Engineering Consultants together with the highly skilled design team they can provide innovative design solutions and consultancy for any marine and building application.

Head Office

Address: Angelou Sikelianou Str. 4, Neo Psychiko, 154 51, Athens, Greece
Phone: (+30) 210 677 0101
Email: [email protected]

Branch Office

Address: 28 Makarios III Avenue, Office 117, City Plaza, 1065, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone: (+357) 99 237 816
Email: [email protected]
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